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Jalan Mandala Utara no 599A. tomang. jakarta barat

Alleriea Wedding Gifts

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Paket Pernikahan


Harga : Rp 5.000


Exclusive wedding favor we start from book mark start from IDR 6000 Gelas start from IDR 5000-24.000 salt and pepper start from IDR 9.500 – 18.000 coaster start from IDR 8.500 honey pot IDR 19.000 bouquet candle IDR 38.000 money saver IDR 16.500 chopstick start from IDR 4.500 – 6.000 spoon and fork collection start from IDR 5.000 – 38.000 bottle stopper start from IDR 15.500 – 25.000 Fruit memo start from IDR 9.000- 12.000 shopping bag start from IDR 8.500 – 9.500 kipas Start from IDR 6.500- 9.500 tin favor start from IDR 6.500 – 15.000 Taplak meja Start from IDR 7.000 – 12.500 Lilin dan tempat lilin start from IDR 11.000-24.000 Stationery start from IDR 2.500-16.000 Sisir kaca start from IDR 7.500- 25.000 Mangkok start from 5.000-90.000 Souvenir botol kaca start from IDR 12.500-25.000


alleriea wedding and gifts present unique-beautiful, exclusive and elegant favors. lets make your special day memorable.


Telepon : 0812 1286 4120

Email : vieraastry@gmail.com

Alamat : Jalan Mandala Utara no 599A. Tomang. Jakarta Barat

Website : www.souvenirlengkap.com

    Avg Price:
    Rp 5.000

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